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179 Total - 2015
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EBIFC was organized in 1938.  Its first apparatus, a 1940 Ward LaFrance, was painted white, beginning our tradition of white apparatus.  The original firehouse of Independent Fire Company was built in 1938 on Willow Street near Cranbury Road.  A new 4 bay main station was constructed on the same site in 1990.  In 1966 an additional station was dedicated on Ruth Street in the Lawrence Brook area.  A third station at Dunhams Corner Road and Ryders Lane was dedicated in 1973.  Since then, both Lawrence Brook and Dunhams Corner stations have been renovated and expanded with large additions.  The construction of the new addition to Willow Street firehouse was recently completed. It houses the offices of the Commissioners of Fire District 2, Bureau of Fire Prevention and East Brunswick Independent. In addition, it contains bays for fire prevention, bunks, and extra storage. The new building was named after Life Member, Past President, and Ex-Chief, William Peck.


Emergency Medical Services in the township are provided by the East Brunswick Rescue Squad.  Some members of EBIFC, as well as OBVFD and Brookview, are trained and certified as EMT's, enabling us to render emergency medical aid when EMS providers are not yet on the scene and also assist them when needed. 


Of the three fire companies in town, East Brunswick Independent covers the largest area, consequently resulting in the highest call volume.  In 2010, EBIFC responded to 835 fire calls. 


In East Brunswick, as elsewhere, 911 is used for reporting all emergencies.  All alarms of fire and other emergencies are received by dispatchers on duty at Police Headquarters in the Public Safety Building in the Civic Center Complex.  Upon receipt of an emergency call which requires the response of any of the fire companies in town, the dispatcher determines in which area the incident is reported, activates the pagers of the individual members and then sounds the sirens for that area. 


The three fire companies in East Brunswick are dispatched on the frequency of 33.82 MHz (County Fire Band).  East Brunswick Township uses a Motorola Type II UHF trunked radio system for all of its township services, including Police, Fire and EMS.  The frequencies used are 500.3125, 500.4375, 500.5875, 500.8375, 502.4875, and 502.6625.  Additionally 453.1375 is used by the fire companies for Fire Ground operations.



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